Zone Radio Cape Town Live Online

Zone Radio Cape Town Live Online . Zone Radio Online is a listener driven development radio station, launched on 1 April 2011 that uses the internet as its broadcast platform. Zone Radio Online is primarily a music station where entertainment, education and information are packaged to attract listeners online.

Zone Radio Cape Town Live Online

Presenters : The Unicorn , Babs Memani , Judy Roberson , Sotmo , Blaine Mills , Michael Owen , Zikona Jack , Becky Leighton , Chad Davids , Greg Sirmongpong , Danielle Scheepers , Chi Chi Gule , Shanaaz Speelman

Popular Shows : The Breakfast Zone , The Blues Zone , The Retro Zone , The Jazz Zone ,friday Lunch Zone , The Party Zone , The Saturday Breakfast Zone , The Saturday Lunch Zone , The Saturday Pm Zone , Sunday Breakfast Zone , The Sunday Lunch Zone

Location : Cape Town, South Africa

Genres : Rock

Language : English

Facebook : facebook@zoneradio

Twitter : twitter@zoneradio

Official Website : Visit Website