RSG Radio Online – Radio Sonder Grense Live Streaming

RSG Radio Sonder Grense Live Streaming Online.This is an Afrikaans language radio service run by the South African Broadcasting Corporation SABC . It broadcasts at 3320, 7285 and 9650 kHz in the shortwave bands.

Since Afrikaans is one of the South Africa’s 11 official languages, the SABC is required to carry an Afrikaans language service on both radio and TV. Radio Sonder Grense is the radio part of this Afrikaans language service. RSG Recipes are Very Famous in South Africa .

Note : FM will start playing automatically . please wait 30 Seconds to listen this station ( player loading may take 30 Seconds ). Press play button if fm is not playing after few seconds .

Presenters: Amanda Olivier , Amore Bekker , Andries VAN ZYL , Anita Visser , Anton Goosen, Brenda Barlow etc

Programmes : Some Famous Programmes in this radio station are Oppi Radio ,Musiek Sonder Grense,Nuus & Weer ,Al Daai Jazz,Verslawing,Wat Se Die Dokter,Leefwereld Van Die Gestremde,Praat Saam,Dis Klassiek,Brekfis Met Derrich,Reis Songer Grense,Naweekaktueel,Elsenburgforum etc

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Frequency: 100-104 fm

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PO BOX 91312, AUCKLAND PARK, 2006 .

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